She’s broken

She’s hurt, she looks to him for some comfort, but he pushes her away cause his life is more than just a jumper;
to cuddle to love to keep her warm when she cold, making up excuses treating her like a kid while he screams and scolds.
She’s strong she’s tough but nobody can see. She’s screaming inside from pure agony.
She smiles to mask; to try and hide her feeling, she never thought her life would be so demeaning. 
Her pain screams loud but its nothing we hear, she can never reveal her pain its her one true fear;
for people to judge to know the truth to see inner beasts like monsters behind closets she closes the door and leaves.
She does it for love her love that its deep her hearts torn and the blood it seeps,
it is her biggest secret and only hers to keep.
She brings out the truth of never judge a book by its cover; if you read within the chapters it is hurt you discover
a day of brutality of pain and lies she closes her eyes and prays to God she dies




Earth has stopped rotating.

Some places still shine from the sun but i am forever left in darkness.

How did my life come to this?

If not for the moon shining there would be nothing but emptiness to remain.

An eternity left in darkness, smiles now hidden, eyes show no color, expressions gone; covered by the shadows.

Sounds of a distant cry; a woman screaming in her agony.

Suffocating call for help.

A woman




Twisted bones like broken branches. Cracking in its agony 

Eyes like mirrors reflecting you. Never letting anyone see in.

Dead grass underneath 

Dirt beneath nails

Hammer shatters heart 

Dried tears forever marked 

Distressed lungs inhaling poisonous air

Distressed human exhaling sadness 

Broken heart still beats 

Eyes reflect open arms 

Dislocated fingers gripping hope.

Where we begin.

A heart like ice, with skin so thin; eyes like broken glass, I see the pain within. Crooked bones like Moulded dust. Paralysed. I need. I must. Discard the torture let us reinvent, show the heart love for the body to mend, hand in hand the work will be done; to continue earths rotation beneath the sun…



How to know the real from the fake; where every decision gets harder to make.

How to understand the meaning of now; when you keep looking back and wondering how.

Hard to keep still when adrenalin pumps.

Hard to move when you’ve had enough.

The patient

The stubborn

The winner

The loser

The one who drives, and the lost cruiser.

We all try to be similar but what’s to gain, people are different there are none of the same.

Unique is a skill a master at best, being yourself truly beats the rest.

To smile, to laugh, to cry and scream,

Let us define who we are meant to be…