She’s broken

She’s hurt, she looks to him for some comfort, but he pushes her away cause his life is more than just a jumper;
to cuddle to love to keep her warm when she cold, making up excuses treating her like a kid while he screams and scolds.
She’s strong she’s tough but nobody can see. She’s screaming inside from pure agony.
She smiles to mask; to try and hide her feeling, she never thought her life would be so demeaning. 
Her pain screams loud but its nothing we hear, she can never reveal her pain its her one true fear;
for people to judge to know the truth to see inner beasts like monsters behind closets she closes the door and leaves.
She does it for love her love that its deep her hearts torn and the blood it seeps,
it is her biggest secret and only hers to keep.
She brings out the truth of never judge a book by its cover; if you read within the chapters it is hurt you discover
a day of brutality of pain and lies she closes her eyes and prays to God she dies



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