Earth has stopped rotating.

Some places still shine from the sun but i am forever left in darkness.

How did my life come to this?

If not for the moon shining there would be nothing but emptiness to remain.

An eternity left in darkness, smiles now hidden, eyes show no color, expressions gone; covered by the shadows.

Sounds of a distant cry; a woman screaming in her agony.

Suffocating call for help.

A woman




6 thoughts on “Forgotten

  1. Its a nice sad poem…I hope its just a poem..If my help is needed in any way, i am just a message away..Meantime go for long walk and take fresh air and also visit whichever religious place suits you..

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  2. Omg you wrote this?! You have talent this is amazing! I hope you proceed in writing because you really have an art for poetry,if you have time please check out my blog ✨

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