Lovers in a wild scene, smokey mirrors, broken dreams.
Prize possession, paper and pen 

A woman in a lions den

A lion when it comes to men.


Second left 

Jumping in, seems shallow at first 

Drowning, suffocating, your body immersed 

Plunged into darkness awaiting a saviour 

Lungs, no longer oxygen filled 

Your mind, recalling behaviour

Innocence, polite. 

Wildness, me

One second , no save, 

My soul 



Witnessing someone hurt, hurts.Especially when that “someone” is you. Watching the bags under your eyes get worse revealing the sleepless nights, skin becoming pale from the sun you avoid, to forever remain in darkness, unhealthy weight loss from the food you refuse to eat. Life becomes meaningless when there is no hope for a better day no hope of recovery. Drowning because your

Heart is shattering 

Eyes are drying 

Smiles fading 

Hurt increasing 

Have hope, lift yourself when your down remember the better days and work your way back to the life you strived for, the life you dreamed of m, the imagination and fantasies your craved. There is always hope even when you believe there is none dig deep and you will find.

Wearing a mask

Why should i mask my pain? 

To make the people around me more comfortable while I suffer in silence.

Why can’t I scream? 

So the neighbours won’t hear me while I’m screaming inside.

Why should I show any emotion?

Would it be more mysterious if I mask myself and hide forever.

I will cry for my pain to ease it.

I will scream because I need it.

I will excel and be me because I want it..