Lethal association 

Lungs inflated with the air you breathe, poisonous, lethal, no oxygen I heave. Suffocating as my last breath draws its close, hands clenching, body releasing, the last petal falls from its rose. Dangerous moments seem peaceful at first. Dangerous people always dangerous.  Take Note…



No one should feel lonely, to feel isolated when you need someone there by your side, to feel like the walls are closing in on you because its the only thing you can see. Your mind should be free of neglect, which causes us to think of things we shouldn’t to believe we are on our own trapped! with these thoughts. Talk to me let me know i am here, that i exist and not just a ghost who walks among  you UN-noticed. Place your warm hand on my bare shoulder, let me feel your presence. Kiss me lightly let me feel your love. Tell me you love me let me know i am yours

Hold on 

Immersed in loneliness,

sadness swirls throughout my body and swells my eyes,

redness within them  masks the pain they have beheld.

Heart breaks like glass being thrown onto concrete,

I feel my soul ripping out of me as I try my hardest to grab on,

I am not ready to let go.


Don’t go.


Hey guys! Just wanted to take time to say hey and thank you all for your love and support i know it takes time to build a site and gain followers but i am so proud and grateful to all who have jumped on the train and joined me. I will also like to thank everyone who will in future join me.  THANKS A MILLION 🙂


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In Time

We all forget that our time on this earth is limited

like sand in an hour glass every spec is a memory in which we lived that slowly fades away and becomes but a dream

if we try to dig deep we can see our selves as children playing, laughing, learning, but it’s so distant I often question if i actually lived those memories or simply conjured them.


In your unconscious mind i am all that you need. I am your love, your honor, your nurturing skin when you sleep. You whisper things that make me laugh that brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart race.. But in your wakeful self there’s a change in your face.
Your childhood was rough and you were punished for being weak, so you show your power and masculinity when you speak. The struggle of revealing your inner emotions makes it hard on me.. But in your unconscious mind i hear the truth that you see..


Wicked, in the way you smile.

Intense depth, through-out your Nile.

Bring me close oh powerful one.

Do not forget me, flesh burning in the sun.

Hurting deep but tender love.

comical sense, wings like a dove.

Roman warrior, oh how you strengthen pride

Basic man with a basic woman

i cried.