Featured imageseductive eyes draw
you in, inviting you to come over. Wicked
grin telling you i don’t need a friend. I need a lover, the flick of my hair exposes my neck showing you the rhythmic pulses. Exposing my skin allows you to see the softness and and golden color i behold, you step closer breathing in the sweetness of my flesh, lips parted breathing harsh and low hearing the want in every breath drawn in and out. Biting my lips, tells you i need your kiss, staring slow with a closed mouth gradually opening and allowing our tongues to dance wildly in passion. I wrap my arms around your neck, my legs around your waist and give myself completely to you. Pressed against the wall the tension is electric, you strip me as i you, as a trickle of sweat glistens my breasts. Roughly thrown onto the bed  i lay open and ready for you, making love that leaves us in the power of passion.


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