Accommodate my Soul

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My life is but a story. Morning sun beaming through the open window, warm breeze filling the air i breathe, cuddling into my blanket my body wants to reject this wake-up. Strong arms lay across my body a soft breath tickling my neck, my body responds accepting the feeling of you, your touch that illuminates my skin, sending my body into complete awareness. How did i get so lucky? How can i want to stay asleep when i have you near? Answer is. I don’t, instead i embrace you. I breathe in your sweet smelling skin and right there in the beginning  of morning i see your beauty as you see my own. No make-up needed when you can see my soul, a smile turns into a playful game between lovers. Eyes sparkling in that seductive way; curling my fingers into yours, kissing your soft lips laughing at myself as i catch a glimpse of my messy bed hair, red swollen lips and semi-opened eyes feeling beautiful just from the way you look at me. It’s time to start the day, making coffee smelling its amazing aroma; pressing the mug to my lips i look up at you and see you looking at me. I close my eyes and thank God for everyday, i know my soul has its place within your heart.


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