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Lit candles, majestic aroma from the bath salts fills the bathroom air. I dip my self in the warmth of the bath water and escape into zen, the muscles in my body instantly relax; relieving me of my days stress, i let out a sigh of pleasure from the calmness that overtakes me. It’s silent. Mute, but the rhythmic sound of the drops of water trickling from the tap. I have my moment to reflect, to think, but my mind refuses; a clear sign of ‘need; The need to be alone. Isolated from the world, people even from my own thoughts. I accept. I hold my breath and submerge myself under the water, I am still, not even a ripple will form. I open my eyes, it stings at first but soon my eyes adjust, i can see the candle lights twinkling through the blurriness of the water. It’s time i come up for air, still silent. My hair thick and heavy pressed on my back i feel it’s weight. I want to feel like this forever but reality only allows this for a moment as my chaotic life needs to continue.

I shall have my moment again..



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