A day in the life

I am so tired, the dark circles beneath my eyes do no justice, my body aches as i have entered the 6th month of pregnancy, as my back surrenders entirely to the defeat from my unborn baby in their everlasting battle of my comfort VS your comfort, i can’t help but be envious of other people and feel so much guilt because not everyone has the option or ability to be pregnant so i bite my tongue and move on. I try my hardest to complete tasks like cleaning and cooking, it is hard but not impossible given you take the 100 breaks in between 1 TASK. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes so it requires me to eat at certain time so testing can be done, grateful because my diabetes is diet based and there is no need for insulin, so keeping my self moving is always good because it helps keep those numbers down. Cooking and cleaning is complete by 9 pm, I try to get a good 2 hours of reading in just for the pleasure of it, watch a movie and i am in a sleep coma by 1 am, building up the energy to start another day.


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