Modern World.. Old Fashioned Girl

I feel i was born in the wrong time, the things i want in my life are not the same as those of others my age. Parties, Drinks and Friendships do not take any type of priority in my world. Growing up, in high school i was popular and by popular i mean had big group of friends who in turn betrayed me one way or another and hated but known by everyone else. No lies here it felt great to be Queen of the pack but every queen must fall eventually and by the hands of my “friends” i fell and gosh did i crumple. I was forbid-ed the experience to complete school for reasons too long to explain, i was forced to move away from my home to try again in another school and but of course i was forced to leave there to. In the mist of all this is my high school boyfriend, who YES OF COURSE i was not allowed to be with, but i fought and fought till i won, but in many eyes it seems i have lost. Forcing my way through life i married him age 17 and it felt right and eventually for everyone around me they saw what i felt.. LOVE

I grew up ahead of my time i rushed my self to maturity, became the poster House Wife. Cleaning, Cooking the works. I will wake up at 5 am to prepare everything for my man i will sit have coffee and break-fast with him, in those moments i feel like i’m not from this time, i am constantly compared to how peoples grandparents use to be like and adored for my  old fashioned ways. When ever i would bump into former allies i always hear their stories and feel disconnected i basically feel i have left them where they were and found them still there not changed not grown yet still hateful. I do not worry myself with other people problems i try my hardest to enjoy my life and ever pleasure it brings. I love myself for the way i am because being this way is WHO I AM. Do what makes YOU happy, one life isn’t made for all lives so live the way you please and though i treat my life like from another time i take the values of this time and make this world my own..


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