It was dark, a world filled with nothing but empty space, i can hear myself breathing heavily. The breaks between my breaths assured me it was freezing i was shivering from both the cold and the fear it was a different feeling one i had not imagined before, how can i not know where i am, i constantly thought to myself how did i even end up here. In that moment a shining light was beamed at me seeing nothing but this brightness i feel like it called out to me it was mezmerising like a diamond or a star in the mist of darkness, i ran, ran so quickly but had no sensation of any movement just seeing the light become closer within my reach i atleast knew i was moving. ‘Anna, Anna can you hear me?’ it was a faded cry, from a sweet gentle voice i had not been familiar with. I could hear more noise, the sounds of people speaking was becoming ever more increasing though muffled i could make out a few words, ‘she’s waking up’ ‘make room!’ ‘please don’t let her die!’ I panicked hearing the words “die” It made me struggle i could feel my body twisting and turning in agony i let out a groan and tried desperatley to open my eyes, I knew then that something drastic had happened and i was un-concious and that light was merely the light of the torch the nurses and doctors had been shining in my eyes. I opened my eyes barley only able to keep them half opened, my eyelids felt heavy and bruised my breathing had quickened and my heart rate shot up immensly hearing the unbearing sound of the heart monitor beeping away, though i wasn’t having a heart attack as one might fear from that noise i was panicking i started to feel my body. I felt bruised and battered to the point of no muscles return. I was in so much pain that i could not bear to scream, my ribs felt shattered my lungs feeling compressed as if i had a knife though them but i managed to speak only gently purely just to ask what in Gods name was wrong with me? and where am i? The nurse started asking questions like if i rememered what had happened, where had i been earlier and my favourite what is my name, though i knew they all knew my name the nurses and doctors where calling out to me and that much i rememberd, but ofcourse i knew it was for my sake to see how badly i had been injured to make sure i hadnt lost my memory ‘Anna my name is Anna Morris’ i spoke out softly not wanting to hurt myself further. ‘Where am I? Whats going on?’ I beacame stonger in my tone and louder ‘ Oh my God am i dying? Shit am i dead?!’ I must have amused someone because i heard a light laughter by my side, i turned my bruised face to see who it was, and he was there. This amazingly gorgeous son of a man who took my breath away literaly. I choked i knew who he was but i was confused as to what part he had in my life i just stared at him his tall, musclar body in that beautiful tanned skin, i looked up at his face and made out all his features his sleneder face with a strong jaw his lips where quite full perfectly suited to his face, his beard very light maybe a 5 day old kind of beard, hair was a dark brown a little long it stopped just below his ears it was styled back, not tight but loose and carefree, sexy is best way to put it. When i looked at his diamond blue eyes i felt like i looked through them a shine that radiated my heart then it hit me like a ton of bricks it was me every essence in life, my heart, my soul. My Elias.


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